Aug 8, 2008

Info: Origami Workshop

My Origami Workshop is a 45-90 minutes hands-on class for grade K-12. The class size limited to 30 students. For more information about this workshop please vist

Room setting:

A regular classroom with tables and chairs is the ideal setting. Otherwise please arrange the room as it follows,

-Each student needs a flat surface (desk or table) and a chair.
-Please arrange desk/table so that they are facing the front of the classroom with an aisle in the midle
-Avoid a room near a source of noise such as music class, gym or cafeteria

Purchasing origami paper:

- The origami paper we need for the class is 6" square, one side is colored and the reverse side is white. If you'd like to use your stock or regular copier paper, please let me know.
- If you'd like me to provide the origami paper, it will be 50 cents per student.
-The following are suggested website for those of you who prefer to purchase origami paper on your own. Please order 5 sheets per students.You can also purchase origami at most local arts and craft stores.

6" square origami paper (one side colored and back side is white)
***a package of 250 sheets

***a package of 65 sheets

The links above change from time to time. Please let me know if the link is broken.

Happy folding!

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