Math Lesson With Origami (K-5)

Kuniko invites students to a fun filled creasing geometry. For grade K-2 observing lines, shapes and identifying geometric figures, students will make dog, rabbit and frog origami. For grade 3-5 focusing on types of triangles, angles and shapes, student will exam the line of symmetry, analyze interrelationships between figures and play to communicate with others in origami activities by folding paper balloon, boat, house and butterfly. A 45 minutes session addresses up to 30 students.
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Origami Connection to Visual Arts & Social Studies (K-12)
For students to find more about Japanese traditional life style, practicing through origami  Kuniko asks students to bow to their own origami at every crease and explains why it has to be that way in Japan. Symbolic meanings of origami designs Kuniko explains, guides students to relate history of Japan and play origami games to connect some historical moments with their own origami they create. A 45-90 minutes session addresses up to 30 students.
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Origami for Teachers
Specially designed for teachers to use origami in their classroom. The art of simplicity, origami will be explained as teachers fold 3-4 basic designs with Kuniko. Sample lesson plans, curriculum connection ideas and activities will be shared. Resource and study guide can be downloaded from Kuniko’s website. A 45-90 minutes session addresses up to 50 teachers.
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Family Origami Night 
Family together in the quiet setting fold paper, learn, help each other and have fun. Regardless of age, race and experience, origami will speak to people's imagination. In a 45-90 minutes all families make origami, tracing the history of origami and family of Japan; mother/father handed down each origami to daughter/son.