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Saskatoon International Children's Festival ---- BY THE STARPHOENIX (SASKATOON) Yamamoto had her audience oohing and aahing at her origami and bamboo feats, while she slipped in lovely lessons about life.


Her performances were excellent and powerful.  Ms.Yamamoto was at all times the professional artist and educator,  capturing genuine student interest and excitement. She promotes  cross-cultural communication and understanding, needed in educating  young people for their future in a global  society.                                   
Keiko Witsil Teacher/ Clearwater High  School

Magical Teacher!
            Tampa Tribune

She  was flexible and had an absolutely wonderful sense of humor!
Diane Hoffbauek, Director
Alaska North Slope Borough School  District

The content of your program was beautifully  developed and exquisitely executed.
Jill  Vines
Mahaffey  Theater of Performing Arts

The show was very  insightful, challenging the notions we westerners have about other  cultures and our own.
Abbi Ball/  Program Coordinator
University of Florida

Did you  enjoy Kuniko’s show? YES 99%
Did you learn a lot about Japan because  of the show? YES 90%
            Student Survey Form/Bushnell Elementary

Carol Todd, Ph.D.
New College

I  would recommend you for colleges and universities as well as elementary  and secondary schools because I have seen how you adapt for each  audience with new material.
Sally Maguire Deming
President/ Florida Theater Education  Association

This was an all around positive  experience.Ms. Yamamoto was a joy to work with and the performance was  truly beautiful.
            Jennifer  Hinners, Arts/Events Coordinator
            University of Wisconsin

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 "Origami Tale" clip for IPAY showcase. 

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★ My Promo Video for "Magical Mask, Mime and Music of Japan"

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Video clip by Zoe Page from Yokohama International School


Kuniko's show content is aligned with grade appropriate standards and offers the educational  materials such as lesson plans, resources. 

★ Prepared by Kennedy Center (Washington DC)

★ Prepared by Kuniko Yamamoto


>>School Shows Easy Requirement

>>Stage at Theater Requirement

  • Stage Dimensions: minimum 12’ (depth) by 16’(width) required).
  • Lighting:        General
  • Sound:           Sound system connected with 1 CD player and 1 wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Set-up:           90 minutes including loading-in time and sound&light check