May 17, 2010

Los Angeles Music Center - Sold Out!

Performed at the Los Angeles Music Center/ Performing Arts Center of LA County. It was a part of the wonderful theme of "World City", which says it all about global community!
I was thrilled to see this architecture, designed by Frank Gehry. I saw his documentary film while ago and learned how he makes his wild sketches to be built. He starts out his sketch like this.

That becomes like this!

Inside is not an exception!

How did he do that?
Check this documentary about him.

In this amazing architecture there are several theaters and I performed at one of their amphi-theater called Keck.

It's a brilliant design of outside theater and I took a couple pictures after my show when another group was performing. They are 'On Ensemble', exciting Japanese American music band.
The acoustic on this stage was great because this stage back wall had such a shape.

And here I am! (Photo- courtesy of LA Music Center/ photo by Patricia Cornell)

After all the greatest thing was the audience. The seats were sold out.
Thank you so much for your laughs and cheers!
At last not least, many thanks to the staff members of LA Music Center!!! Love to you all - Kuniko

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