Jul 7, 2010

Origami USA Convention

I went to 3 days of paper folding jubilee of Origami USA Convention on June 25-28. It's the annual convention and origami folks and artists from all over the world gather at Fashion Institute of Technology in the heart of New York city.
I arrived early and walked around from the theater district and found the new David Mamet play on 47th street at Barrymore Theater. If you are interested seeing the play like I did, here's information.

Walked down 5th avenue and small shops caught my eyes on 27th street. A leather shop was filled with colors and textures. I went in and bought a thin white leather piece to make an origami rose.

Continued to walk on 27th street to Origami USA convention. Here's the place.

Fashion Institute of Technology is a perfect place for the convention. The classrooms for workshop, the great hall for a big gathering and the exhibition hall for the origami gallery; we all use the most out of it.

In the origami gallery, each origami artist had a table or a wall to exhibit their artwork. One of the highlight was by Roy T. Iwaki. His curves on foldings were astonishing.

There were flowers, masks, geometric designs and some super-heroes. I spent all day folding with new origami artists and exchanging folding ideas with my usual origami friends. Origami USA welcome all folks from beginners to professionals. Are you interested in going next year? Check their website: http://www.origami-usa.org/.