Oct 26, 2010

OAPN Annual Conference

I'm at the OAPN Annual Conference in Columbus, OH. It's been a great gathering of artists/performers, presenters and organizations.

It's held at historical Atheneum off the Capitalsquare.

I'm here with my agent, Liz Silverstein from Siegel Artist Management. She is my great buddy!

This conference consists of meetings, showcase and exhibition. In the showcase each performer was given 10 minutes on stage to show a work. There were 37 artists selected. Among them I was in the Young Audience Showcase of 8 performers and received the highest vote to People's Choice Award in this category.  Thank you for your vote!

In the exhibition agents and artist/performer get a booth and present each promotional material such as DVD, brochure. Next to my booth there was a man in doctor's outfit with 3 big spiders. They were Rose Tarantulas. Yes, they were alive tarantulas! The man called himself Dr.Inseta and offers "Bug Lab Experience" to schools. He let me put one of his tarantulas on my hand. It was slightly warm and didn't move at all. I was a little nerves but I trusted what Dr.Insecta said. "If you don't harm him/her, this type of tarantula would not attack you. Have a respect to this little fellow. " Ok.

More on later!