Feb 14, 2011

Joy Luck Club

Time Flies!
It's already February and I haven't finished writing about my NC trip. My 2 weeks residency in Raleigh area stretched to Johnston County, including Micro-Pine and Powhatan Elementary School. My trip ended with Oak Grove Elementary in the heart of downtown Raleigh. 

Each school had a unique stage setting. It could be a perfect auditorium, it could be a no-way-gym. Gym is a tough one to set up my show because of the sound escapes to all directions. And in a big gym my show looks like a one woman playing basketball alone. But for somehow it works. That's the beauty of my show if I may say. With the help of parents, teachers and school staff, speakers are hooked and chairs are placed, then here I go! It's not a cliche - I can't do it without them. Thank you!

Without good help life is tough and without good food life is disappointing. Joy Luck Club, a Chinese Diner, kept me cheerful. It's near Cary in Raleigh, nested in The Grand Asia Market.

The chefs are from Hong Kong and the lunch special is hard to beat. You choose 3 items from menu and the plate is filled with flavor of garlic, ginger and essence of meat juice. Chinese vegetable cookin is not easy to find but Bokchoy, Chinese thin eggplant and a variety of Chinese veggies are cooked here. Their homemade noodle is soft but chewy and flavor reminds me of my grandma's cooking. I went to eat there almost every day. 

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