Apr 21, 2011

New Orleans Song

Funny faces from Florida State University Japan/Relief-raiser Festival. I jumped in and took stage for a little bit. It was on my way to New Orleans. I had a good time with these kids who volunteered in the festival.

From the university I drove to a park in Tallahassee to see Natural Bridge. After I passed the park entrance....

 Miles and miles of straight arrow road in the park. I wasn't sure if I'm still in the same park? Got lost but the park was very beautiful.

 When I arrived at New Orleans, the fragrance of Jasmine embraced me.

As the sun tilted lower in the sky, I drove in the lower 9th where the Hurricane Katrina hit badly. There was a cemetery off the levy.

 Survivors from the Hurricane Katrina recovered the New Orleans. Many came back and rebuilt their house. 'No place like New Orleans!' A young worker at Newman School where I performed, said it with his all dignity. He once left New Orleans after he lost his house and family but came back to New Orleans with his all mighty.

Walked around the Newman School, hearing birds singing. Thought of what it means to miss New Orleans.  

Let's listen how Mr.Louis Armstrong describes in "Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?"

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