Jul 2, 2008

International Children's Festival in Canada

I performed at the International Children’s Festival in Alberta and Saskatoon. I wrote about this at the last blog. http://kunikoetc.exblog.jp/7231110/

This page is follow-up with photos. It was April 27 – 31 in Edmonton Alberta and next week in Saskatoon, the two cities were 5 hours driving apart.

Here’s the first photo: my stage in tent. My stage crew was fantastic Kirby and cool Carrie.

In Saskatoon Festival I shared the same stage with Mattius from Germany. His puppets are life-size and very soft. These goofy guys are the Dwarf in "Snow White".

I was staying at the same Bed & Breakfast with Mattius and Splash’n Boots. We became good friends. Splash’n Boots is the young rising star from Canada, voted Children’s Music Group of The Year 2007, a marvelous musical couple! Check their colorful website;
Their video is filled with dance & fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzPJZn-ZFFc

From young to old many people came to my show. I had shows back to back and did not have much of a time to meet you after show. A big hug to you all! My fascination to Canada continues! I'll be back - Kuniko

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