Jul 14, 2008

My show experience at Chautaqua

It's School. It's Theater. It's Concert Hall. It's Art/Music School. It's Dance Studio. It's Lake. It's Summer School. It's Retreat. It's Resort. What is it? It's Chautauqua.

The Institution, originally the Chautauqua Lake Sunday School Assembly, was founded in 1874 as an educational experiment in out-of-school, vacation learning.

I performed here last two summers and I'm amazed by this place.

First it was a beautiful lake side overlooking Ontario with colorful flowers and trees. Cars are limited to most of the streets, making very safe to run and to kids bicycle. Secondly the community is highly dedicated to fine arts . The residents and visitors can buy seasonal tickets and commute to the halls and theater daily like they breathe. At last it's a special school environment for all ages. Lectures are thrown at everywhere by renown writers and scholars from around the world, top musicians teach here and a variety of workshop for arts and crafts are here.

In this community I had a lunch with a sports writer from HBO, had a chat with an Austrian Quartet in backstage and walked with an ambassador from Pakistan. It happened all in one day at Chautauqua.

Enjoyed walking on the dock. But the most I enjoyed was the great audience! Thank you Chautauqua!

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