Sep 18, 2009

King Solomon's Quest

What would you do if you were told to find a ring that has a magical power of making a happy person sad and a sad person happy?

Once upon a time The King Solomon challenged his most trusted adviser, Benaiah, with the question. Benaiah traveled to find such a magical ring. It took him months but there was an old man in the light of golden dawn. He smiled, engraved a golden ring on the inside of it and sold it to Benaiah.

Back to the kingdom Benaiah handed to the King. When he took and read the inside of the ring, he became pale. His happiness with wealth, power and wisdom became doubtful possession. The ring made him sad to realize that all his possessions does not last forever.

Time past the King was in misfortune, lost power and wisdom. And it was the same ring changed his sadness to happiness. The ring was inscribed with the Hebrew letters gimel, zayin and yud, meant “This too shall pass.”

He thanked Benaiah and from that day on, the ring guided the King to have a balance and wisdom in his life.

I heard this tale told by Caren Neile and also read it in Jewish tales book long time ago. It’s a famous Jewish story and gives a lesson to our every day life. I’d like to cherish my happiness this morning, thank my family, friends and all the people I meet and met. If I’m sad, I will tell myself “this too shall pass.” Well,I know,,, it’s not that easy but it makes sense and it’s worth giving it a try! It's our quest! Have a great day eveyone!!

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