Sep 20, 2009

North Carolina SCHEDULE

Thank you! ! to everyone who came to the United Arts Showcase in Raleigh, NC.
I had fantastic responds from many schools! As a result my agent and I made 2 block-bookings to Raleigh area, one for three weeks in November and another for two weeks in late January to February 2010. The dates details are on this blog page, SCHEDULE (Please click here).

I performed in North Carolina several time and when I performed at the North Carolina Museum of History, I bought the poster and it has been my favorite poster in our house. Magnolia makes me long ... long for what? ... I don't know but the flower's thick white petal and the fragrance is unforgettable. I think this picture captures its beauty and triggers the voice for Appalachian mountain stories that I adore.

Any question or inquirers for my NC tour?
Please contact my agent Jennifer Morris,
My show description and stage requirement is on my website,
Origami Workshop requirement and details is on this blog page (please click here.)

I welcome suggestions and comments on this blog page. Please write in!

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