Oct 14, 2009

From Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii!

Mahalo for great time at Talk Story, Storytelling Festival of Honolulu. I performed on Saturday and Sunday with renown storytellers, Mike Parent, Lyn Ford and more. The director of the festival Jeff Gere is a friend of mine, one of the funnest storyteller. His wife Dominique who traveled around the world is from France and she was a great host at the festival.
Hawaii is a paradise island to me. Breathtaking views of mountains and beaches, singing tropical birds and passion fruits .... they are all more than I can describe. I tried to take pictures but the pictures can not say much, The lights and colors are hard to capture.

If you ever travel to Hawaii, I recommend Wainamaro, north east of Honolulu. Unlike Waikiki, it's quiet and the ocean is calmer. I'm enjoying the peaceful time here in Wainamaro emerald green water beach!

I brought my mother from Osaka, Japan. We went to beach this morning, ate papaya and mango. She's been enjoying tropical fruits and a time with her wild daughter!

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