Dec 29, 2009

12 Scenes of Origami


Origami is magical, especially I'm fascinated with modern origam.
I created my new show The Village of Origami. First it was Origami Tales but I had troubles with origami dragon, lost in flight, destroyed in traveling and etc. I renewed my all origami setting and this time it's better, exciting and more durable!
In this blog page I'd like to show you the 12 scenes of origami that inspired me endlessly.


Japanese Astrophysicist Koryo Miura invented Miura-Fold to fold solar array forspace satellites in the Japanese 1995 Space Flight Unit[. The fold can also be unpacked in just one motion by pulling on opposite ends of the folded material, and likewise folded again by pushing the two ends back together The idea is beautiful and elegant.


In Japanese Kanji writing fold is 折 and the prayers is 祈. They are very similar. Fold as you pray ... that's Hirosima.

All you need is one fold. Look there's light and shadow!

Put a light to your origami tesselation .....

ガリアーニの服Sandra Backlundのデザインはおもしろい。
Check origami in fashion in Dior '07 collection designed by John Galliano and also Sandra Backlund

Origami is fun!

The possibility of origami is infinite.

Origami - so much to see but the beginning was very simple.

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