Dec 22, 2009

Me and Mom in Hawaii

As Jeff Gere invited me to Hawaii's Talk Story (storytelling festival), I thought of going with my mother. How fun would that be! I went to Japan to pick her up, then flew to Honolulu together.

This is my Mom, Reiko Yamamoto. She is a retired teacher from Japan. She is 'my little funny woman', my hero!

We loved Hawaiian fruits - nothing like it!

Honolulu offers a lot. Have you been to The Contemporary Museum at Makiki? Mom and I spent the whole day there. There was the installation by a Japanese artist, ,, hhhm I forgot his name, but it was fascinating delicate wood carving flowers - they looked VERY real, fooled Mom's eyes.

From the right Darron, a great spoken words guy with Youth Speaks Hawaii,
the center is Lynn Ford, an wonderful African-American storyteller from Ohio,
the left is Dominique, a beautiful soul from France living in Honolulu,
she and her husband Jeff Gere, were the hard-working host in this Festival.
Hawaii is paradise island not only because its land but people, in this festival I met a dozen of Hawaiian storytellers - they are powerful tellers, they talk to your heart.

Jeff Gere was the director of the Talk Story and here he is. Very busy working sign language interpretor is next to him. Jeff is also a storyteller and he rocks!

Mahalo to Hawaii from Me and Mom!

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