Dec 22, 2009

Origami Book Review: Hawaiian Style Money Folds

Money is cute, if you fold! There have been several books published for money fold and this book is my favorite. Each design has distinctive fold to make the best of dollar bill prints. For example the awl's eyes look square but if you look at the very center, it's a round shape like eye pupil. And I like the [O] in the middle of its tummy.

The author, Jodi Fukumoto, thought this out. Money fold is perfect for gift so why don't I put envelopes and boxes origami models ? The viewers do not need to think about gift wrapping.

Here's details of this book:

The Guide to Hawaiian-Style Money Folds

By Jodi Fukumoto

Published: 2003 by Island Heritage
Pages: 127
Binding: Hardcover/spiral-bound
Language: English
ISBN: 0896104141

I recommend this book for someone who can paper cranes or so. The instruction is good but if you are buying this book for your first book, you might find it difficult to follow.

For educators you will find the way to introduce Hawaii with this book. Fukumoto has another origami book "The Guide To Hawaiian Style Origami", which use ordinary paper instead of dollar bill.

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