Dec 5, 2009

Went to Japan

I was in Osaka Japan, my hometown, to see my mother at the end of September. It was in the middle of Autumn, moon-viewing season or Otsuki-mi. In Japan we say there're rabbits in the moon. Do you know what they are doing? They are kneading sweet rice cakes, Mochi. In the picture above you see what I mean; the rabbit on the left and the Mochi in the middle. It's really fun to flow with your imagination as you gaze the moon at night, maybe with your family and friends or thinking of them
In the limited time of my stay, traveling time was crucial and my life saver is the bullet train, the world fastest train!

Having bragged about Bullet Train, let me brag one more, a new technology in washing machine. My mother bought new one (in the picture) after using the last one for 24 years! It's in picture above. Yes, it looks like American laundry machine but when the washing cycle it finises, the machine dries clothes as a dryer. It's washer and drier all in one!
Japan is a small crowded country, 10 times crowded compare to the USA. The houses made much smaller and two big machines of washer and dryer would take too much space so it only makes sense to have washer&drier all in one.

After my stay in Japan, I took my Mom to Hawaii for our vacation and my shows for Talk Story in Honolulu. 
I took some pictures of Hawaii. let me share with you more in the next post.

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