Jan 16, 2010

My upcoming show in St.Louis

St. Louis? First thing comes to my mind is this song --- of course St.Louis Blues. But not American version, yes, it's Japanese version. My mother had the SP vinyl record and played at home over and over, when I was little. I had no idea what the lyric meant but the melody, rhythm and the sound of Saint Louis in the song was so hip to me. Here's the video by the Japanese singer, Chiemi Eri.

It was recording from TV in 1981.

For a long time St.Louis was one of my places-to-visit, then in 2007 I was featured in St.Louis Storytelling Festival. I went!  Oh, it was exciting! I had no idea how large The Arch was. It makes your chin up! I met great storytellers and audience. People in St. Louis were very warm and made me feel like home from Day 1.

I'm going to the city again! I will be performing at Touhill Performing Arts Center/ Lee Theater on January 22 and 23. Please click the poster below for the details.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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