Jan 30, 2010

St.Louis Sightseeing

My storyteller friend, Marcia Ollinger, is a native St.Louis and I loved her love for the city. She took me for the sightseeing!

The night after her handsome husband, Henry, her and me had a fresh cod & sheephead (It's a kind of fish not a sheep head, just in case you wonder : ) dinner, we had a gooey coffee cake of St.Louis and marched in the city. First pick was The Art Museum. It was under the construction for an expansion but we could see some galleries.

>>Marcia with her favorite painting

>> Woooo look at these - the one in the left reminds me of Picachu ; )

She drove around the Forest Park and showed me the World Fare 1904 legacies. Then went to the Cathedral. It was breathtaking experience.

It was huge and high ceiling filled with gold and light.

After lunch at forty something floor looking down the Arch we went to History Museum and passed Union Station etc....

The city is filled with history and one day was not enough to look around. But I think the best part was something that I could not take photo with  - great laughs and time my friend, Marcia.

Now nest day is the concert at Lee Theater at Touhill Performing Arts Center.


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