Jan 30, 2010

See you again, St Louis!

It was hard to say goodbye to the city.

I worked with great people,Terry from UMSL and the house crew of Touhill Performing Arts Center... I had a fantastic time with you all! Terry also scheduled for me meet to with International-Arts related professors and staff members. Every conversation was so inspiring that I wrote many notes!

I forgot my camera and there's no photo to show you but the Lee Theater at Touhill Performing Arts was very modern. It's a 300 seats theater with balconies and the design of the stage was perfect for me. And the modern technology allowed this floor of stage and the audience seat part to be all flat for dance rehearsals or any need for any large flat floor. It's hard to explain but this is truly multi-purpose studio theater.
For 360 angle view:

Both of Friday night and Saturday matinĂ©e were filled with all ages audience, from 5 years old to 10? years old. I appreciated all the cheerful responds. After the show some audience came to tell me they are on the way to Japan for study. Good luck to you all! Some said they are going to Japan for vacation. Enjoy!!

Hope my show was fun and inspiring.
Hope my show made your weekend.
Because you made my visit to St.Louis memorable!

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