Jan 31, 2010

My Review

This week could not any better. Everything went well. I got lost here and there on the road but wonderful thing was whenever I called someone was there to help me. Thank you!!

Let me review my work.

Monday, January 25 : : : McDougle Elementary School

You are my first school of 2010, home of the dolphins. Dolphins.... it reminded me my home in Florida  We see them occasionally.
The students came in  quietly and showed me great manners. Teachers must be proud of you all.
You participated in my show with your voice and hand moves as if you were the character of the story. Your delightful respond made my great start of the year!

Tuesday, January 26 : : : Cary Elementary School

As the students came in and out of the multi-purpose room to attend my show, the principal, Mr.Stanton welcomed students with hand shakes. I remember my school principal used to bow to us to show respect. Handshake and bowing they are a little gesture but count.
The students are very respectful and I was impressed! Good job to you all!

Wednesday, January 27 : : : West Clayton Elementary School

The students amazed me! It was nearly 500 students per group. Packed, some students in the back and sides had a hard time to see me on the stage. In this situation it's easy to be uncomfortable and destructed but you all managed it. You laughed hard, listened hard and played hard with me. Thank you for being a great audience.

Thursday, January 28 : : : Riverwood Elementary

The students amazed me again! I could not believe how wonderful you all were. Again the size of each group was almost 500 and the space was packed. Everyone sat straight and watched my show. I saw all of your eyes focused on me entire show. I'm a happy performer!

Friday, January 29 : : : Weather Stone Elementary

One of the 3rd grade teacher told me her students liked my hero character, The Little Funny Woman. The heroes tend to be a man with strong body & mind. But I believe in variety; it can be a woman, not very strong but she defeated the monster and won the magic spoon. How could that be happened?
Thank you for enjoying my hero story. It means a lot to me.

★ ★ ★

Teachers & Parents  - Thank you so much for all your support!!
Hope my show was fun for kids and motivated them to read more about Japan/Asia or to read simply any stories. For some students Japanese/Asian is very alien but now they know some Japanese words, story, famous characters and origami. Gaining knowledge is a key to further learning. If you see students asked you more books about Japan/Asia, more questions and eager to know more, humbly I achieved something.

For me to achieve better, please let me know your students respond and if there's any suggestion, I would cherish it, please write in!

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Have a nice snow weekend!

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