Feb 1, 2010

Radio Interview in Chapel Hill, NC

WCOM Double Dutch radio on the air in Chapel Hill, NC.
Laura and Jeff, wife and husband team DJ, interviewed me about my shows in the area. 

Lovely part was having Jasper, their daughter (h,,,, I forgot how old she was .... I think she's about 9 years old ...is that right, Jasper?). It was awesome to see the kid radio host! 

I played my Bamboo flute, Shino Bueh.

Laura was photographer of the day so she's not in the picture.... sorry! Maybe next time!

Jeff was the DJ switching channels and changing sound levels. Bravo!
I have not seen the LP player for many years. You can see it on the desk in the left, in the below picture.  I wish I could bring my ancient LPs to play. (Oh, children, you don't even know what LPs are. It was big black vinyl records that made the music recordings of 1970's - 1980's.)

Some listener pitched some questions in. What a fun to make a radio show together! Thanks!!!

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