Feb 2, 2010

Snowed in weekend in Wake Forest NC

I was snowed in last weekend at my corporate apartment I rented for this Raleigh - Chapel Hill NC / 2 weeks tour. Then the Wake County announced snow day for Monday and Tuesday = my shows are not happening and I'm really snowed in!

So for time being I randomly surfed online and a question came to my mind out of blue. 
What country is the best in school system? Or what part of the world is achieving the best in Grade K-12 ? My research of the day began. 

If you said Japan, it's nice of you. It could be the USA but neither of both. It's Finland. Japanese neighbor country South Korea and the US neighbor country Canada follows.

What are Finnish schools like?

I enjoyed reading 'A day in the life of Strömberg School'.

Hmmmm..... how can Finnish afford 30 minutes of recess at every lesson time? And how do they afford very free education all the way to 12th grade?
And I feel like getting on an airplane to Finland and see what it's like! So fascinating!!

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