Feb 6, 2010

My Reviews Week 2

February 3, Wednesday
St. Raphael School

After the 2 days of snow day Wake county announced another snow day but St.Raphael School is on! The road looks good and I'm on!

Bravo to grade K-8, all age mixed group audience! Though some stories are more toward 6-8th and some were more toward younger kids, the essence of each story is for all ages and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed. Thanks for your awesome responds throughout the shows!

February 4, Thursday

Morris Grove Elementary School started with 2 hours delay due to the icy road condition and my show is rescheduled to Monday. I didn't know the delay until I got to the school and meanwhile I was in Chapel Hill, I called up my Japanese friend I just met last week and had a cup of coffee near the school. Time flew as we had a great chat. We promised to have another one while I'm in NC. I can't wait!!!

Lincoln Heights Elementary
I head out to Fuquay-Varina, 20 miles south of Raleigh. Wondered about the town's name Fuquay-Vaina, pronounced /ˈfjuːkweɪ vəˈriːnə, Frenchman William Fuquay found this town and sold to another in 1860, then the new post master, Ballentine Spence named it after her love one, Virginia Avery who signed 'Varina' in her letter to him. It's a little research from Wikipedia and more is in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuquay-Varina,_North_Carolina

The school was ready to rock after some snow days and so was I! We had a toasty time and thank you all for the great energy! We carried the heat to the night. The evening concert had a great turn out! PTA representative and I made announcement repeatedly and the effort to bring people in worked to night! I'm grateful to you all!!!

February 5, Friday
Moor Square Museum Magnet Middle Schooli

The school was like a museum! The students artwork were all on the wall artistically. I conducted 4 workshops for 7th grade social studies as an introduction to the studies about Japan. The school requested to show cultural arts through Japanese Storytelling. After discussing with the teachers I prepared for connecting Japanese Storytelling with history as well. My masks can reveal the historical marks of 6th century before and after, and 16th century of Japanese renaissance time. You may not read it from your text book. But what I showed and explained to you was something all Japanese related to our art and history. Students, thank you for all your questions, thoughts and exploring in this subject with me!

I extended my stay in Wake Forest till next Tuesday for the rescheduled dates. Fun goes more!

Have a nice weekend!

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