Feb 14, 2010

My Reviews NC week 3

I extended my stay in Raleigh area due to the snow days reschedules. Many thanks to the schools as it follows, juggling the date to reschedule!!

Februrary 8 

Charter school concept is very unique and significant. The school program is up to the school's theme&policies and I'm eager to learn the system. I was fortunate to be a part of the school program. All children knew how to say hello in Chinese and when I taught them how to say a few things in Japanese, they were all fast learners. The school focus is on building the global community. I met their PE teacher, a young man from Brazil, and he said that his uncle worked with Japanese in San Paulo, his hometown. You see - the world is becoming smaller! I had a great time to meet you all!!


Some parents from Chapel Hill came to see my show in Raleigh and I appreciated them so much for coming all the way to see it. Then they hired me for this residency weeks.Thank you, Morris Grove to work with me! I do me best to teach children about Asia/Japan so that it's not exotic any more but familiar.  The world spins no matter what but you're the parents make difference! And if I could be a part of it, I'm a happy one. The children showed great listening skills and theater manners to my show. Congratulations to your students achievements! 

February 9

In a minute of stepping into this school you're in love. This school is the museum magnet and the students art works were exhibited on the walls just like a museum, almost better than the museums. I spend time to see it all and it was marvelous. It was a great day to do some origami workshops for 3rd graders in addition to my 2 shows. Hope you all checked out library books or online resources. Happy folding to you all!

I'd love to come back again and work with you more!
Please keep in touch with me and my super-woman-agent Jenny. If you'd like to have me again to your program to enhance international arts studies, please contact;


More on later.

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