Feb 21, 2010

Teenager life in Japan

In my last page I put 'A Day in the life of Kentaro'. Kentaro is Japanese Elementary student. What about older kids life? Teenager? There's a awesome website to show you more than a dozen of teenagers daily life exhibited by TJF Japan foundation.

The web version of "Meeting People" series published in The Japan Forum Newsletter and Takarabako, which introduces the daily life, lifestyle, and ways of thinking of a certain person. The content will provide ways of understanding Japan through the eyes of individuals.


A quick example of a Japanese teenager Kumiko - hhhmm it's similar to my name Kuniko

The series includes the interview to the winner teen team of the Robocon (Robot Contest), a national contest for technical college robot-building teams, is held and the competition is broadcast nationwide on NHK public television.
Each profile is filled with comments and pictures of where he/she lives. The issues such as race, genre, politics, family ... are listed with resource at the end of the page for discussion.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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