Mar 29, 2010

Burr Intermediate School

The school has been hiring me for several years and every year I look forward to visiting Burr Intermediate School 3rd graders classes. I teach my Interdisciplinary Hands-On Origami Workshop. The exciting thing is that 4th and 5th grader remembering me and say Hi to me as I enter the school.
"Are you coming to 4th grade class?"some asked.
"Sorry, I'm teaching 3rd grade classes." I said.
"Please pleeeeeease.I love origami!"

Hope the 3rd graders fall in love with origami this year as well! Many thanks to the teachers welcoming me again this year. And this project could not be happened without hard work of PTA. I'm grateful.  - Kuniko

PS: Special thanks to rescheduling the snow day closed school day to March.

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