Jul 25, 2010

Louisiana Summer Show Tour

Great culture and food in the Cajun country!  I'm in Louisiana, performing for libraries in this July.

I've been enjoying Cajun music and food. A question came to me. What is 'Cajun'?  Then, what is 'Acadian'?  The word is everywhere, on street signs, on paper, on the billboard and on TV. I found some answers online.

The Cajun was the people of Acadian who exiled from Canada in 18th century. And the Acadians were the French settlers in Eastern Canada. Then why do you call them Cajun?

Here's the one explanation from online. http://www.acadian-cajun.com/hiscaj3.htm
The Acadians were the largest group to settle in this area from 1765 to 1785. Although other nationalities were there, the Acadian culture was dominant in many places. When bits and pieces of these other cultures were added to the Acadians, a variation of the Acadian culture was created. These people, and this culture, became known as Cajun ... a derivation of the word Acadian.

A-ha. That's why Cajun food is in French word and the music is sometimes in French. I once heard of a Cajun folk tale in French, the storyteller then me their French is called Creole.

I'm listeining to Cajun Music from radio all day. It's Sunday. One of the librarian in New Iberia said "we love music and Cajun love to dance!" Have a nice party weekend, my friends! - Kuniko