Aug 12, 2010

Louisiana Show Tour 2

It's almost 2 weeks since I got back from Louisiana. I'm sorting my photos, though I didn't take too many. When it's a long tour like this, I kept thinking "oh well I can take picture, tomorrow, next week and I still have many days..." And time flies.

These are pictures of the ferry I took in Iberville parish. In the heat of summer a cool breeze calm the afternoon. The second one is another ferry from opposite direction.

I toured 28 libraries and 2 community centers. Each location made posters and flyers to bring more people in. And every place was packed! This is from Calcasieu parish libraries poster.

The end is always 'Sayonara' with everyone. I'm going to miss you all, especially the librarians I worked with. On the way back home I drove through tunnel in Mobile, Alabama. It's been a hot summer. The days of 100 degrees and this icy looking tunnel was a strange mix.

Wish I took more pictures but the most precious moments were more than I could frame in camera - kindness, passion and laughter in the people I met.