Aug 18, 2010

United Arts Booking Conference in Raleigh NC

Showcase and booth, that's a great way to show what I can offer for schools. This is my 4th year to attend this conference by United Arts.  It was early Saturday morning but many teachers, administrates and PTA from K-12 schools gathered, and performers, writers and artists showcased.

Have you met my friend Jennifer Morris? She is one of my agent with Siegel Artist Management, very professional, responsible and inspiring woman. She was with me at the booth all day and discussed with number of people about residency ideas, what works and what may not, and block-booking of my next season. She's fun to work with and can make you laugh hard. We are good team!
        >> To contact Jennifer: click here.

In October at OAPN showcase conference I will be with another agent, Liz Silverstein. More on later.  - Kuniko