Oct 13, 2010

Greater Kansas City Japan Festival

If you want to experience the genuine sound of Japanese traditional music, come to the Great Kansas City Festival. It was held on October 2 and will be on about the same time of the year - check next year's schedule here.  

I was there to melt myself in the music of David Wheeler and Yoko Hiraoka, the duet of Koto and Shakuhachi. They both are Shi-sho, the master teacher of each instrument and it was an honor to meet them in person at the back stage when I first performed in the festival 2 years ago. They have been playing at the festival every year and I can't wait to see them next year.

The festival offered great performances in addition -  Denver Taiko, a Japanese traditional drum group, and my dear friends of Yosakoi from Kansas State University, then the beautiful Japanese dancer Yoshiko Yamanaka with her husband's guitar play. Also I loved the sound of the trio of Koto, Base Koto and Cello - it was so lovely that I wanted to take the sound with me. And .. and ... and , more!

Outside of the theater exhibitions are everywhere; more than you can do all in one day. Miyuki, the candy artist, had a long line of people ordering her creation. It's hard to describe her work and seeing is more right here in her video.

Respectfully a big five to the executive director Francis Lemery and his team! Bravo to the director of performing arts, Dianne Daugherty and her staff members! Many thanks to all the volunteers! Without you we performers are just a bunch of crazy people.