Jan 21, 2011

Friends in NY

My 2011 has begun with the big showcase in New York, known as APAP showcase. This massive showcase is organized by The Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), based in Washington, D.C., the national service and advocacy organization nationwide.

Most of my performer friends seem to be here. I had a breakfast with Leland Faulkner, my very special friend of many years, and my new friend Robbi K. Lee is an amazing performer and innovative film director. Rabbi is a great African-American Storyteller and wonderful singer. Bravo! 

After the APAP showcase done, a snow storm forecast swept the media and my show at Tilles Center in Long Island was rescheduled to February. Unfortunate but I can turn this lost day into a fun! I head out to my friend's house in Queens.  I love NY when subway and bus get to my place so fast. This bus was express to Flusing Meadows, it took only 25 minutes, almost non-stop to my destination.

Ahhhhh, Momo, my friend's cat welcome me. 

She sleeps with curly paw.

I met Hiroko, a Japanese New Yorker 25 years ago when I lived in NY. We had a great time with her tasty Japanese cooking, Gobo roots Teriyaki stir-fry called Kinpira, Veggie stir-fry, steamed dumpling and Dikon radish & seaweed soup. The snow kept falling and we were happy together. 

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