Jan 23, 2011

Snow Day

 The day before the snowstorm in Manhattan; hmmmm I don't feel any sign of storm.

The night before it became rough; yes, I do see the sign of storm coming. It was freezing 15 degree.

 Next morning the snowstorm left 2 feet of snow; wow!

It's Snow day and I got a day off from shows in Long Island. I went to see some art exhibition in Manhattan. One of my friend recommended Yoshitomo Nara's exhibit at Asian Center Museum on Park Avenue (right picture), the neo pop artist of 1990's. Also I wanted to see Hakuin's paintings at Japan Siciety (picture above). Hakuin is a Zen Master from 18th century.

I marched into my path to the both places only to find they were both over. I found myself at Asian Center Museum shop, looking around books and beautiful Asian crafts.

 Hey, that's my friend's published book on top of the shelf, "Origami Games" by Joel Stern. He's origami artist and made international research on origami games. It's a fascinating game book. It must be very popular. Every bookstore I go highlight his book on shelf just like that. I will write about his book more on later.

 2 days after the snowstorm; the sun was out in the morning and my shows must go on. Performed at 2 schools in Glen Cove. The snow had a sprinkle of light and was about to melt.

Before another snowstorm I flew back to FL, my sweet home. I already miss NY and always miss FL, when I'm not there. Life is funny, isn't it?

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