Jan 31, 2011

North Carolina streets

Milbrook, Wakeforest, Tara, Harp, and today I went to the school that was off of Waldo Rood. I can go on and on about the street name here in North Carolina and I adore them all.

My two weeks tour in Raleigh-Cary started out with Sanford Creek Elementary on Granite Fall. I want to say it again 'Granite Fall' and when I say it I see crystal cool look of a fall. Followed by Swift Creek Elementary on Tryon Road. Tryon is taken from the North Carolina's governor William Tryon (1765-1761) and the street was off of Holly Springs Rd. I think of history here.

I also like schools name.
Sanford Creek, Swift Creek, Jeffreys Grove, Lacy, Davis Drive. ...
Each has a beautiful rhythm to it.

I'm not a English native speaker and it's easy for me to like certain words for just the way it sounds. Some words even have romantic feel. Perhaps the beauty nature I see every day here adds magic to it.

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