Apr 5, 2011

Spring Shows Pictures #1

Let me back up the dates. March was a great touring month. I went San Antonio TX → Los Angeles → Ojai CA → Lady Lake, FL. Pictures spring my memories.

 Flying is a standard transportation but if you think about this seriously, it's an amazing experience.

Often time my layover is at Atlanta airport and in the middle of there I meet Martin Luther King. His photos and special items talks to me from the exhibit case. Dr.King felt glasses dignified his appearance though his magnificient presence did not need any addition.

 My first show destination, Carver Center of San Antonio was a historical theater. My heart danced to think of all the stars performed here.

 One of the stars was Mr.Hakoshima, an innovative mime. In the year of 1985 I was studying pantomime with Tony Montanaro. Tony and Hakoshima were good friends. They're performance giants.

Look at these big names!I wish I could come to this concert in 1992.

California dreaming - that's my next place.

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