Apr 6, 2011

Spring Shows Pictures #2 >> LA - Ojai

She is my princess. I flew to Los Angles and stayed at my friend's house for a couple of days. I played with her a lot and had a hard time to say good-bye but show must go on. My next destination was Ojai, working with Performance to Grow On.

Ojai sits in a special place in my heart. My soul sings when I see beautiful Ojai Valleys. The green air makes me smile. People treat me like long time friend. I see sparkles in the sky and feel best of me. I try to capture what it is but it's more than I can describe.

My camera was not working while I was in Ojai and borrowed pictures from Performance To Grow On. If you are in Santa Barbara to Ojai area, check it out - Performance To Grow On throws the shows that rock!
My show was a part of their ongoing program for SCHOOL. I performed at schools for weekdays. Then performed at the Arts Center on Saturday night - the house was full! Thank you everyone!

Brian Bemel, my friend, the director of Performance to Grow On, conducts storytelling festival called Village of Tales. It's awesome every year, filled with lots of fun and unforgettable stories.
Coming soon, May 5-8, 2011.

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Angel said...

Hi Kuniko!
I was in the audience at your recent Florida State University performance on April 9th.

I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Tallahassee's small Japanese spring festival to share your amazing story telling with us! It was both beautiful and fun. You are a great entertainer <3 I wish I could see it again. :)

Happy travels!