Aug 14, 2011

At Hollywood Bowl

A fundraiser to Japan/Tohoku Tsunami Earthquake relief was opened at Hollywood Bowl. "Big In Japan" featured 1970's techno pop super star band  Yellow Magic Orchestra, Cibo Matto and Yoko Ono. Yellow Magic Orchestra was really big in Japan and also England back then. One of the member is Ryuichi Sakamoto; American audience might recognize his name as the Academy award winner composing soundtrack of "Last Emperor" in 1987.

I was in pre-concert event to perform and it was packed with prayers to Japan. Benny, my friend's son, is holding the paper crane and wanted to learn how to fold it. Ooops behind him his younger brother and friend are in the tag of war. Hey, hey, stop...


Hollywood Bowl is enormous outside theater of 17,000 seats. It's almost a picnic atmosphere and the audience had food and drinks.

 I went to this concert with my friend, Benny's Mom, Heide, who lives in LA. She and I once studied with same teacher, Tony Montanaro. She's a circus crown with the most lovely spirit! We had a good time together the day before the concert. At a costume photo booth, we had a blast.


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