Aug 21, 2011

Origami in Drama

Origami is everywhere. For the breakfast coffee the paper filter is folded at the edge, you mother makes your ham sandwich folding a piece of ham in half, a tri-fold letter for envelope to enclose, a newspaper to fold many ways, ooops my drier is ending soon and my shirts and pants are waiting to be folded. Fashion designers fold sleeves and pockets, engineers fold solar panels and airbags, doctors fold stints for heart surgery, bakers fold bread dough, kids fold kites, mathematicians fold geometry... and more.

Theater is no exception. Rajiv Joseph’s, a young playwright, a Pulitzer Prize finalist with "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, made a new crease to his work.  "Animals Out of Paper" is so much to do with origami. I heard about this play several years ago in New York City, played by Second Play Theater. Then it hit San Francisco and other cities, such as my city Sarasota, FL.

 It is about people who folded love and troubles in Origami. Main character's home/studio is filled with origami models. The Banyan Theater contacted my local origami group to make them.

In the photo I'm holding T-rex and horse. Jean's gotta Gorilla, then Frank at the bottom is holding magnificent Hawk. Judy in red, on the bottom photo, contacted Robert Lang to give us tips for the Hawk. Many thanks to him and also Jeremy Shafer to share his experience working with theater. Whew, we did it! 

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