Oct 10, 2011

Ohio Tour!

Traveled to perform in northwest of Ohio,

Springfield >> Newark>> Greenville >> Pemberville

From a school show to cafe gig and magnificent theatres, they're all breathtaking experience. Even a regular schools show that I've done so many, every school is different and kids are always hilarious and surprise me with unexpected.

Springfiled arts council staff members and Greenville Center for the Arts arranged a week of school residency each. Whenever I have this length of block-booking, I find a great power of community. Both of them are enthusiastic about arts in education and community has a history of supporting it. The volunteer people helped me getting around the town from one school to another. I thank you all sincerely!


When I entered the Midland Theatre, it was breathtaking. Built in 1928, renewed 4 years ago, 1200 seats and high sealing with gorgeous interior deco. But the marvelous time has not started yet. Meet their stage technicians, not only they are super professional making the stage light and sound magical but they are hilariously funny. I should have known this delight from the moment I met the assistant director Nancy,  at OAPN showcase. She and I had a funky time with a tarantula - she knows what I mean... yeh ♪

Pemberville Opera House was my last destination. It was another historical theater. I just imagine how nice to have an opera house like this in town. Carol and Jeff keep this theatre alive and I hope I was able to put something into it.

The color of trees was beginning to change when I got there and now it must be full beauty.
Thinking of Autumn in Ohio.
Love to you all.

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