Oct 30, 2011

Kansas Schools - Blue Valley School district

We rocked!
 I said 'we', it was a team effort with the teachers. Louanne Hein, So Choi and Tara who just had a baby (hooray!) wrote a grant to their school district and made it happen. Teachers conducted pre-visit-lesson-plans and when I entered each school, I saw Sumi-e, Japanese paint brushing and Gyataku, fish prints, on the walls. Louanne and So helped me every minute of my visits to schools.

More is on their school page.


On my last night  So took me and Louanne to a Korean restaurant. We had Kimuchee, Bulkogi and Bibibap.  So's family is from Korea and explained details about the food. It was a lot of fun! Can we do that again?

Love to you all,

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