Oct 30, 2011

Photos from my October trips

I had a great October show tours, Kansas>>> Denver >>> Ontario Canada.

Kansas had big prairie toward west where I was driving to Denver. Above the little shack caught my heart. Can I sit inside, on a stack of hey and read mid-west folk tales and Carl Sandburg poems? Or can I bring my friend in, chat about everything, play some games and forget the time?


Mid-October was trees Fashion Week. Who's got a best?


From my hotel door, Alas, a handsome antique car!
Tell me where have you been?


At Kansas Art Education Association Conference, I saw a master weaver from Kenya.
I bought ocean blue scarf from him.


I flew to Denver airport to see my shakuhachi flute teacher, David Wheeler. He lives in Boulder and my first day in Colorado was green and mountainous.


Then the temperature dropped 40 degree and snowed all night long.


Adios to the snow at sunrise. I head out for Ontario Canada.


This is my 3rd time to Canada. I was really looking forward this Ontario Contact showcase.


The show case was held at Stocky Center for the Performing Arts in Parry Sound 2-3 hours drive from Toronto airport.


 This tall beautiful theater was narrow and it was unusual for me to looking up all the time from the stage. The showcase was 18 minutes of each and 50 artist/group performed. Every one of them was fantastic and blew me away in excitement. That's what performing art is about. I love performing art and happy to be a part of it.

中は木の目が優しい風合いのいい劇場で、ショーケースは50組のアーティストが18分ずつする。18分? 短いのがショーケースの特徴で、オーディエンスは劇場や団体のバイヤーです。

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