Nov 27, 2011

Shows in Canada - at Vertigo Theatre

Thank you Calgary!!!

Day after day I had a great time with my audience at this vibrant Vertigo Theatre. I was impressed with young ones who came to public shows. You had a great theatre manners!! The Vertigo Theatre Y Stage producer, Nathan Pronyshyn, announced that the city of Calgary is now chosen to be the cultural capital of Canada 2012. You deserve that crown!

The staff members were very nice to work with and all of them worked hard.
On the stage the light and sound was operated by Patrick, who did everything! I mean everything! He even cleaned the stage before every show. So clean that I could kiss the floor. The microphone sound was clear and natural. The lighting was warm and beautiful.

Theater is a team-work. There are many people behind to make it happen.

I took some photos to show you more about Calgary.
More on later!

PS: To people who was eager to know more about origami I have some pictures and writings in this blog - please click this link.

PS2: To people who was asked me about the origami model that swirl/spin, as I said in my show it was created by an amazing origami artist, Chris Palmer. You can visit his website to see more!

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