Nov 29, 2011

In Calgary: On the way to my show #1

 The Vertigo Theatre where my shows are, locates in the heart of Calgary downtown . From my hotel it took about 12 blocks, about 2 miles of enjoyable walk.

The city is filled with art objects among skyscrapers.

Not to get lost I had this sign to mark. Well, it's not my hotel but it was across the street from mine. I called it honey comb.

Calgary is near mountain and snowy city. So they added 15 feet high walkway like a tube between buildings. It allows you to walk pretty much everywhere in downtown without going outside. Perfect for freezing days!

Calgary is not an old city, offers new parking way.
  Hey, another art object!

I thought this was the another art object. Ooops, it's a post-box.

Calgary transit runs throughout the city. Wonderful thing about this is for free and you can just hop in without going tickets and hassle of figuring out because you can see exactly where it's heading. How awesome!

Enjoyed so much I have more photos. More on nest post!

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